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The Conversation that matter podcast series aims to bring awareness of the Belt and Road Initiative to Businesses, Professionals, Family Offices, Multinationals and SMEs how be involved along the Belt and Road Initiative. The Podcast will discuss Investment, Soft and Hard Infrastructure development, Partnerships, Professional Services, Supply and potential opportunities for foreign investors. We will bring a snapshot of what is going on and where, as well as introducing emerging trade routes that are developing as a result. The Initiative – An USD8 Trillion Infrastructure Opportunity is expected to require investment capital to bring BRI to life. China’s trade along the Belt and Road Initiative route amounted to USD957 billion or 26% of its total annual trade volume. The podcast will provide business intelligence you need to understand and learn how to get involve.

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China -Sri Lanka Trade Cultural Links over The Years- BRI

Summary The topic will be spoken in three eras of Sri Lanka- China Trade, cultural links over the years starting from 415AC to the current belt and road initiative between these two ears in post independence relations.  Ancient Times – Historical and cultural ties between the two countries extend back hundreds of years. Diplomatic tiers…

Our Hosts

Sophie Christopher

Sophie is Founder of the Belt and Road Initiative Platform. She is passionate about the BRI and will interview and discuss leading businesses, thinkers and entrepreneurs, in global investment, International Companies, and emerging market leaders. 

Janki Dadby

Janki is Co-founder of the podcast series and works with associated website with links and show notes, guest biographies, transcripts, additional resources, commentary, and even a community forum dedicated to discussing the show’s 

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