China -Sri Lanka Trade Cultural Links over The Years- BRI


The topic will be spoken in three eras of Sri Lanka- China Trade, cultural links over the years starting from 415AC to the current belt and road initiative between these two ears in post independence relations. 

Ancient Times – Historical and cultural ties between the two countries extend back hundreds of years. Diplomatic tiers between Sri-Lanka and China have been very close especially during Sri Lanka freedom party government on Feb 7 1957, China and Sri Lanka established diplomatic relations. 

Post Independence Relations – Post independent Sri Lanka fostered state-level economics ties with China at a time it was not envisaged, however, once established; trade relations expanded and even influenced other area of Sino- Lanka relations. 

Belt and Road Era – Sri Lankan – Chinese relations in Belt and Road era can be considered the era of China-centric infrastructure development with completing massive projects including the biggest flow of FDI’s and PPP in Sri Lankan history. 

The recordings have been made in its natural state, you will hear background noise and natural noise in the recordings. 


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