The Belt and Road Webinar Series Two- The Pre Bri China Sri Lanka Verse Post BRI with Yasiru Ranaraja


Sri Lanka is located in the the Indian ocean.

The podcast talks about the Pre and Post BRI and the years of Civil unrest in Sri Lanka. It looks at how things have changed during these times and looks at what construction projects are happening or will be taking place. The BRI projects started in 2013.

Yasirus Ranaraja talks about the Pre BRI and the lack of stability, funding, how ports were stalled and highways were stalled. Plus the unstably of the government. The Civil war in Sri Lanka ended in 2011, with projects starting soon afterwards. Yasirus highlights the problems of getting funding from the international markets.

We discuss how China put into place the Economics Strategy and the implications of this. 

How and why Sri Lanka was labelled a debt trap. 

Port City Colombo and the construction of the financial City now underway. How these projects are helping small and Medium Businesses. 

The challenges regarding reclaiming land from the sea and other major challenges that were faced and how these were overcome. 

Port City is located next to Colombo Port to attract shipping business from international companies from around the world, with many linkages having already in place in Sri Lanka. 

Sri Lanka has deep ports for the mega ships, with feeders ships servicing local ports and areas in the Indian Ocean. The BRI is engaged in historical and cultural links to maximise economic output.

Yasiru talks about the Dam built for fresh water for the 30,000 framers who depend on fresh water for growing crops. This project started in 1970 but still on going and was the biggest project that had taken place in Sri Lanka at that time. 

Lots of local debates are taking place, with businesses and people asking how they can get their goods and services in to the International markets. How to close the Export gap and how to tap in to the European and Japanese markets. 

Proper microphones placement retain the natural sounds in our recordings as you would hear them originally. This recording method, enables us to provide you with a truly real experience. Real. Natural.


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