The Belt and Road Initiative Series Belgium with Dr Sebastien Goulard


In this series Dr. Sebastein Goulard talks about Belgium. Belgium has not signed an MOU and no formal agreement has been signed with China regarding the BRI. But Belgium has central location, Placed well for Chinese Companies. Belgium is a very business friendly Alibaba has a large warehouse in Belgium. Belgium has a knowhow to export products in Europe and open to foreign markets. Belgium and China have a very strong relationship. Belgium is great place for Chineses companies to establish business. 

Two important ports Antwerp and Burges, these ports are working together with Rotterdam in Netherlands. Cooperation in place for good links. These ports are connected high roads, and railways and airports. Belgium is one of the most important to the BRI. 

The BRI is about connectivity and Dr. Sebastein Goulard touches upon Bulgaria requires inward investment. Belgium does not requires financing from Chineses banks. In Bulgaria conducting business is much more difficult, understanding the market for the foreign investments investments for Chineses Companies. 

The BRI offers many opportunities at many different levels, especially for businesses looking to expand their products and services on the markets. 

Dr. Sebastein Goulard explains that having a united front when dealing with China and the BRI, to have the same rules, same position regarding China. The Union requires coordination and corporation. 

The China Markets are Challenging. 

Proper microphone placement to retain the natural sounds in our recordings as you would hear them originally. This recording method enables us to provide you with a truly real experience. Real. Natural.


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