The European Union and the Belt and Road Initiative With Dr Sebastien Goulard Part 2.


For Countries along the Belt and Road the foundation of cooperation is based on five major principles aimed at promoting (1) the Policy coordination, (2) Facilities connectivity, (3) Unimpeded trade, (4) Financial integration, (5) Sharing of ideas among the people. 

This webinar series looks at the Regulatory framework for large, medium structures. The Belt and Road is about legal procedures and how to trade between China and Europe. The webinar looks at the three Belt and Road courts for disputes, China and Europe courts solution for disputes along the  BRI. The Financial Institutions involvement with legal systems discussed, and legal jurisdiction for contracts. 

Trade and Investments Risks and SWOT.

Challenges and business customs.

economic openness.

trade and non trade barriers.


Small medium sized business. 

Chamber of commerce

Large companies legal departments. 

Economic openness.

Trade and non trade barriers 

Investment incentives.